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Name Title Department Telephone
Carpenter, Brett Adjunct Instructor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 562-4200
Carter, Faith Systems Programmer/Analyst Information Technology 562-4107
CarterMartinez, Kathleen Adjunct Instructor Social and Behavorial Sciences 562-4000
Case, Karen Instructional Designer Academic Affairs 562-4366
Castine, Brooke Assistant Professor Nursing and Allied Health 562-4163
Cave, Danielle Adjunct Instructor
Cayea, Brad Security Officer Security
Chamberlain, Wolfgang Senior Custodial Worker Buildings and Grounds 562-4393
Chambers, Bradford CCWD Instructor
Chase, Jeffrey Assistant Professor of Business Business Department 562-4147
Chilson, Michael PT Security Officer Security 562-4215
Clancy, Samantha Security Supervisor Security
Clinton, Online Help Clinton Online Help Information Technology 562-4200
Coleman, Scott Adjunct Instructor
Colvin, Laurel Adjunct Clinical Instructor Nursing and Allied Health
Cone, Christina Adjunct Instructor
Cone, Jarrod Assistant Professor / Social & Behavioral Sciences Department Chair Social and Behavorial Sciences 562-4344
Coolidge, Lawrence PT Security Officer Security 562-4215
Cordes, Al Adjunct Professor Science Department 562-4331
Corigliano, Judith Adjunct Instructor Humanities 562-4346
Coughlin, Denise Professor Social and Behavorial Sciences 562-4193
Courson, Maggie Professor Mathematics Department 562-4391
Couture, Stephen Adjunct Instructor Technology Department 562-4200
Crahan, Cory EMS Instructor
Creswell, Ryan Adjunct Instructor
Crooker, Krystal Adjunct Instructor
Cummings, Terri Adjunct Instructor Business Department 562-4200
Currie, Lauren Registrar Registrar's Office 562-4122