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Name Title Department Telephone
Lack, Charles Intern
LaDuke, Patricia Learning Skills Coordinator Tutoring Center 562-4272
LaHart, Anna Adjunct Instructor Mathematics Department 562-4200
Lake, Mary Adjunct Instructor Science Department 562-4200
Lambert, Melody Chartwell Supervisor 562-4201
Lannon, Meghan Education Specialist 562-4260
LaPierre, Mary Financial Aid Director Financial Aid 562-4126
Larche, Jamie Clinical Instructor
LaRosa, Natalie PSUNY Intern 562-4266
Laundrie, Elizabeth Adjunct Instructor Mathematics Department
Lawliss, Michael Science Lab Tech Assistant Science Department 562-4337
Lawrence, Cheryl Human Resources Associate Human Resources 562-4138
Lawrence, Rick Assistant Professor Technology Department 562-4365
Leavitt, Mary Lou Adjunct Instructor Humanities
Library, Douglas null
Lindsey, Gina Professor Humanities 562-4187
Lobdell, Sunnie Adjunct Instructor
Loughan, Sean Adjunct Instructor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Lutters, Carl Professor Emeritus Social and Behavorial Sciences 562-4176
Lutz, Alison Paraprofessional Tutor Tutoring Center 562-4200
Lynch, Donna Professor / Mathematics Department Chair Mathematics Department 562-4150