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Name Title Department Telephone
Padula, Janice Professor Science Department 562-4335
Page, Kyle Follett Bookstore Manager Campus Store 562-4167
Pal, Leslie Sodexho Employee Faculty Student Association
Parmeter, Diane Professor Humanities 562-4166
Parsons, Tim Security Officer Security
Passino, David Adjunct Instructor
Patnode, Cathy Adjunct Instructor Nursing and Allied Health
Payne, Derek Career Services Coordinator 562-4345
Peck, Cassandra Adjunct Instructor Science Department
Petro, John Academic Outreach Coordinator Academic Affairs 562-4317
Pierre, Delphinaud Security Officer Security
Pokorny, Jay Follett Manager 562-4167
Poland, Ron Professor Technology Department 562-4194
Polvere, Lauren Adjunct Instructor History & Social Science 562-4176
Portes, Joe Adjunct Instructor
Potter, Sarah Director of Human Resources Human Resources 562-4137
Prescott, Kari Adjunct Instructor Mathematics Department 562-4200
Preston, Mark Paraprofessional Tutor Tutoring Center
Primard, Sandra Tutor Tutoring Center
Pulrang, Andrew Paraprofessional Tutor
Purcell, Brian PT FSA Maintenance Worker
Purick, Darcy Technology Coordinator / Adjunct Instructor Information Technology 562-4261