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Name Title Department Telephone
Sabin, Stanley Adjunct Instructor History & Social Science
Santaniello, Theodore Adjunct Instructor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Santor, Ron Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice Department
Savard, Katherine Adjunct Instructor
Sciascia, Kaila Womens Head Soccer Coach Athletics 562-4220
Scott, David Network Administrator Information Technology 562-4185
Sells-Doyle, Laura Adjunct Instructor Humanities 562-4346
Seymour, Cheryl Typist Accommodative Services 562-4253
Seymour, Alan Senior Building Maintenance Worker Buildings and Grounds 562-4216
Seymour, Disa Nursing Skills Lab Learning Coordinator Nursing and Allied Health 562-4178
Sheehan, Doc Adjunct Instructor Science Department 562-4200
Sheldon, Maggie Adjunct Instructor Humanities
Sherman, Clay Womens Soccer Coach Athletics 562-4232
Simpson, Nancy Typist Human Resources 562-4225
Sims, Holly Adjunct Instructor History, Political Science, Economics and Geography Department 562-4200
Slater, Sarah Paraprofessional Tutor Tutoring Center
Sloan, Vicky Professor English Department 562-4281
Smith, Karen Adjunct Instructor English Department
Smith, Alan null
Sorgule, Leif Adjunct Instructor
Spoor, Seth Adjunct Instructor
Stafford, Patricia FSA Assistant Bookkeeper Faculty Student Association 562-4371
States, Middle null
Steen, Susan Paraprofessional Tutor Tutoring Center
Store, Campus null
Stortz, Saundra Adjunct Instructor Humanities 562-4346
Stoughton, Samantha Womens Softball Coach Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 562-4200
Stout, Darryl Adjunct Instructor Mathematics Department 562-4200
Studebaker, Forrest Professor History, Political Science, Economics and Geography Department 562-4180
Swarts, David Professor Emeritus Business and Technology 562-4273
Szalkowski, Jenny Typist Processing 562-4109
Szalkowski, Jill Typist - Department Chair Nursing and Allied Health 562-4165