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Health and Fitness Program Descriptions


1/2 Marathon


Course Description: Dr. Mulholland is bringing his Olympic experience to Plattsburgh......don't miss out!  Join him for a 12-week _ marathon workshop designed to help you run smarter, keep you injury-free and improve your performance.  Dr. Mulholland has devised an efficient training plan to get you ready for the Plattsburgh Half-Marathon on only 3 training runs per week!  Whether you are a first-time competitor, or a seasoned veteran, this course will help you become a better runner.  You will be given detailed weekly running and cross-training workouts, nutritional tips, running technique advice and self soft-tissue recommendations and mobilization exercises designed to keep you healthy and fast!  ALL levels of runners welcome!


Couch to 5K


Course Description: Have you ever wanted to run a 5K? Have you tried the Couch to 5k program on your own unsuccessfully?  This class will provide individuals with a 5K training plan for beginners, a group setting for support, and dedicated training partners as we all prepare to run the Treehouse 5K on May 11, 2013 to benefit the Max Moore Memorial Treehouse, slated to be built along the Saranac River Trail! Classes will cover the following topics: 5K training plan, introduction to running (history, why we run, technique, etc), proper shoe/clothing selection, stretching, Foam Rolling/Self Myofacial Release, common running injuries-how to avoid/treat them, strength training/strength conditioning, nutrition, Heart Rate Monitoring, and goal setting. Additional group workouts may be scheduled as needed throughout the semester, based on the group's availability. Students will have memberships to both the CCC gym and the City Recreation Center gym for the duration of the course.


Winter Hiking: Intermediate Level


Course Description: In this course we will cover the basics for safe and fun winter hiking.  Our first meeting will be an opportunity to discuss all aspects of winter hiking, including planning, map and compass basics, equipment, food and hydration, clothing and footwear, safety and first aid concerns, and good outdoor stewardship.  Subsequent classes will include a variety of winter hikes, from easy to moderate, and finally to a challenging trek to one of the 46 highest peaks in New York State!  Students must have some hiking experience and must bring their own gear.


So You Want To Be a 46er…Intro to Hiking in the Adirondacks


Course Description: In this course we will cover the basics of hiking in the Adirondacks and how to plan and participate in a fun and safe day hike.  The course will begin with a four hour class during which we will discuss topics including proper equipment and clothing, hydration and food, planning, map and compass reading, and issues of safety, first aid, and stewardship.  The succeeding sessions will be day hikes, beginning with novice level trail walks and leading to more challenging hikes to local mountain trails.



Course Description:
For those interested in the fundamentals of safe cycling and/or are new or returning to the sport of road cycling, this course provides instruction and recreational rides with qualified guide, Phil VonBargen. Rides will start on recreation paths, then into bike lanes, and eventually onto safe roadways. Distances will gradually increase from 2, 5, 7, 10, and finally a 15 mile ride. Participants should be ready to build confidence and skill so they can ride safely in the road, with traffic, and possibly with a group of people. While endurance strength isn't a requirement, each participant should be moderately fit and have a physician's OK to participate. 

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