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Case Studies in Cultural Anthropology

Call Number


JS 7122 .B27

Baker, Victoria J. A Sinhalese Village in Sri Lanka: Coping with Uncertainty, 1997


DU 780 .B28 1979


Barnett, Homer Garner. Being a Palauan, 1979

DT 513 .B37


Bascom, William Russell. The Yoruba of Southwestern Nigeria,  1969

HN 690 .G66 B4 1980

Beals, Alan. Gopalpur: A South Indian Village, 1980

F 1219.73 .B47 2005

Berdan, Frances. The Aztecs of Central Mexico: An Imperial Society, 2nd ed., 2005

F 1219.73 .B47

Berdan, Frances. The Aztecs of Central Mexico: An Imperial Society, 1982

DS 485 .H6 B38

Bishop, Naomi Hawes. Himalayan Herders, 1998

DG 994 .B68  1980

Boissevain, Jeremy. A Village in Malta, 1980

HN 600 .N39 B76 1992

Brogger, Jan. Nazare: Women & Men in a Prebureaucratic Portuguese Fishing Village, 1992


F2520.1 .Y3 C5 1997

Chagnon, Napoleon A. Yanomamo, 5th ed., 1997

E 99 .E7 C5

Chance, Norman A. The Eskimo of North Alaska, 1966

E 99 .E7 C52 1990

Chance, Norman A. The Inupiat and Arctic Alaska: Ethnography of Development, 1990


F1221 .Z3 C46 1992

Chinas, Beverly. The Isthmus Zapotecs:  A Matrifocal Culture of Mexico, 2nd ed., 1992


F 3722.1 .C23 C76 2004

Crocker, William H. The Canela:  Kinship, Ritual, and Sex in an Amazonian Tribe, 2nd ed., 2004

F 3722.1 .C23 C76 1994

Crocker, William H. The Canela:  Bonding Through Kinship, Ritual, & Sex, 1994


 DS632 .B85 D38 2007

 Davies, Sharyn G. Challenging Gender Norms: Five Genders among Bugis in Indonesia, 2007

DS 595.2 .S3 D46 1979

Dentan, Robert Knox. The Semai:  A Nonviolent People of Malaya, 1979

E 99 .N3 D69

Downs, James F. The Navajo, 1972

DU 422.82 .W43 D84 2001

Duffie, Mary Katharine. Through the Eye of the Needle:  A Maori Elder Remembers, 2001

DS 786 .E4 1968

Ekvall, Robert Brainerd.  Fields on the Hoof: Nexus of Tibetan Nomadic Pastoralism, 1968


DQ 851 .K44 F74

Friedl, John. Kippel: a Changing Village in the Alps, 1974

DS 432 .N3 F76

Furer-Haimendorf, Christoph von. The Konyak Nagas: an Indian Frontier Tribe, 1969


GN 585 .I8 G35 1992

Galt, Anthony H. Town and Country in Locorotondo, 1992

DT 380 .G35

2 copies

Gamst, Frederick C. The Qemant: A Pagan-Hebraic Peasantry of Ethiopia, 1969


E 99 .S28 G3

Garbarino, Merwyn S. Big Cypress: A Changing Seminole Community, 1972


DS731 .E87 G53 1997

Gladney, Dru C.  Ethnic Identity in China:  The Making of a Muslim Nationality, 1997


 HD8039 .F66 U4765 2007

  Glazier, Edward W. Hawaiian Fisherman, 2007

DT 433.245 S24 G65 1986


Goldschmidt, Walter. The Sebei: A Study in Adaptation, 1986

E 99 .B8 G76

Grobsmith, Elizabeth S. Lakota of the Rosebud: A Contemporary Ethnography, 1981.


DU 122 .T5 H3

Hart, C.W.M. and Arnold Pilling. The Tiwi of North Australia, 1960

DU 125 .T5 H37 1988

Hart, C.W.M., Arnold Pilling, and Jane C. Goodale. The Tiwi of North Australia, 3rd ed., 1988


DU 744.35 .D32 H44 1997


Heider, Karl G. Grand Valley Dani, Peaceful Warriors. 3rd ed. 1997

DU 744.35 .D32 H44 1991


Heider, Karl G. Grand Valley Dani, Peaceful Warriors, 2nd ed. 1991

DU 740.42 .H45 1987

Herdt, Gilbert H. The Sambia: Ritual and Gender in New Guinea, 1987

  DU740.42 .H45 2006

  Herdt, Gilbert H. The Sambia: Ritual, Sexuality, and Change in Papua New Guinea, 2006

DS 485 .N4 H55

Hitchcock, John Thayer. The Magars of Banyan Hill, 1966

DS 493.9 .M3 H57 1980

Hitchcock, John Thayer. A Mountain Village in Nepal, 1980

E 99 .C53 H6 1978

Hoebel, Edward Adamson. The Cheyennes:  Indians of the Great Plains, 2nd ed., 1978

E 99 .C53 H6

Hoebel, Edward Adamson. The Cheyennes: Indians of the Great Plains, 1960


DU 819 .F58 H65 1992

Holmes, Lowell Don. Samoan Village: Then and Now, 2nd ed., 1992

BX 8129 .H8 H64

Hostetler, John A. and Gertrude Enders Huntington. The Hutterites in North America, 1967


BX 8129 .H8 H64 1996

Hostetler, John A. and Gertrude Enders Huntington. The Hutterites in North America, 3rd ed., 1996


F 1435.1 .Y26 H85 2004

Hull, Cindy L. Katun:  A Twenty-Year Journey with the Maya, 2004

F 1435 .K55 1990

Kintz, Ellen R. Life Under the Tropical Canopy:  Tradition & Change Among the Yucatec Maya, 1990


DT 971.42 K87 1986

Kuper, Hilda. The Swazi, a South African Kingdom, 2nd ed., 1986

DS 647 .B2 L25 1995

Lansing, J. Stephen. The Balinese, 1995

E99 .A34 L38

Laughlin, William S. Aleuts:  Survivors of the Bering Land Bridge. 1980

DT 1058 .K86 L44 1993

2 copies

Lee, Richard B. The Dobe Ju/’hoansi, 2nd ed., 1993

DT 1058 .K86 L44 2003

Lee, Richard B.  The Dobe Ju/’hoansi, 3rd ed., 2003

DT 510.43 F35 L85 2002

Lundgren, Nancy. Watch and Pray: A Portrait of Fante Village Life in Transition, 2002

E 99 .S54 M3

McFee, Malcolm. Modern Blackfeet:  Montanans on a Reservation, 1972

GF 561 .M47 1983

3 copies


Messenger, John Cowan. Inis Beag, Isle of Ireland, 1983

DT 433.245 .L83 M53 1992


Middleton, John. The Lugbara of Uganda, 2nd ed., 1992

DU 740 .N4

Newman, Philip L. Knowing the Gururumba, 1965

GN 671 .S2 O53 1990

O’Meara, Tim. Samoan Planters: Tradition and Economic Development in Polynesia, 1990


DA 880 .H4 P37 2005

Parman, Susan. Scottish Crofters: A Historical Ethnography of a Celtic Village, 2nd ed., 2005


DU 744 .P58

Pospisil, Leopold J.  The Kapauku Papuans of West New Guinea,  2nd ed., 1978


E 99 .M6

Prins, Harald. The Mi’kmaq: Resistance, Accomodation, and Cultural Survival, 1996


DX 251 .Q55

Quintana, Bertha B. and Lois Gray Floyd.  ¡Que gitano! Gypsies of Southern Spain, 1972


F 3722.1 .H83 R63 1998

Robarchek, Clayton A. and Carole Robarchek. Waorani:  The Contexts of Violence and War, 1998


E 99 .K9 R63

Rohner, Ronald P. & Evelyn C. Rohner. Kwakiutl:  Indians of British Columbia, 1970


E 99 .M44 S68

Spindler, George Dearborn and Louise Spindler. Dreamers Without Power: The Menomini Indians, 1971


F 3320.2 .Y78 S74 1989

Stearman, Allyn Maclean. Yuqui:  Forest Nomads in a Changing World, 1989


DT 650 .B36 T88 1983

Turnbull, Colin M. The Mbuti Pygmies: Change and Adaptation, 1983

F 1221 .C58 T8

Turner, Paul R. The Highland Chontal, 1972

DT 515.42 .U3

Uchendu, Victor Chikezie. The Igbo of Southeast Nigeria, 1965

F 1221 .T9 V6 1990

Vogt, Evon Zartman. The Zinacantecos of Mexico: A Modern Maya Way of Life, 2nd ed., 1990


GN 671 .N5 W43 1988

2 copies

Weiner, Annette B. The Trobrianders of Papua New Guinea, 1988

DT 133 .R37 Y69 1996

Young, William C. The Rashaayada Bedouin: Arab Pastoralists of Eastern Sudan, 1996