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Policy on Weeding and Replacement of Materials

Weeding of Materials

Weeding of materials is the withdrawing of damaged or obsolete materials from the library collections.  This process is an integral part of collection development and maintenance.  The same criteria apply to weeding as to the selection of new materials.  Materials that fall into the following categories should be considered for withdrawal:

1)  Superseded editions
2)  Worn, mutilated, or badly marked items
3)  Duplicate copies of seldom used titles
4)  Materials which contain outdated or inaccurate information
5)  Works where information has been superseded or presented in newer, more comprehensive or accessible formats
6)  Titles of little curricular importance
7)  Textbooks

Materials that no longer meet the stated objectives of the library (including items that have become damaged or obsolete) will be systematically withdrawn according to accepted professional practices described in the publication, CREW: A Weeding Manual for Modern Libraries.  Disposal of withdrawn library materials will be at the discretion of the library director, subject to all relevant provisions of the charter of the county of Clinton and the statutes of the state of New York.  Library staff will consider SUNY Cooperative Collection Development agreements regarding last copy in SUNY while deselecting materials.


The Douglas Library will not automatically replace all materials withdrawn from the collection because of loss, damage or wear.  Decisions to replace an item will be based on the following:

1)  Demand for the specific title to support the curriculum
2)  Number of copies held
3)  Existing coverage of the subject within the collection
4)  Availability of newer and better materials on the subject

Revised 2/12/16 jmt