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10 More Paper-Saving Tips

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What You can do to save paper 

1.  Single space documents when possible. 

2.  Print on both sides – we use duplex printers in the library’s main reading room

3.  Set narrower margins.

4.  Select what you want to print.  Use the “Current “Page”, “Selection” or “Print Range” feature to print.

5.  Check your work before printing re-read and spell check your work.

6.  If you only need a small piece of information (i.e. phone number), write it down.

7.  Share and circulate documents - use a “routing slip” with check-off.

8.  Add this to your e-mail signature:  Please consider the environment before printing emails.

9.  Email articles or webpages to yourself, and review for importance before printing.

10.  Think before you print!

Save Paper, Save Trees and Help the Environment!

Thank you for your support…You Can Make a Difference!