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Faculty Student Association

The Faculty Student Association is a self-supported, through the sale of its services, not-for-profit organization. Any income after operating expenses and funding requirements is used to benefit the college by supporting numerous campus programs.

The mission of the Faculty Student Association is to identify and provide appropriate goods and services which may not be otherwise provided by Clinton Community College or SUNY. Central to this effort is the ability to recognize the variety and dynamic nature of the population involved in an attempt to maximize customer satisfaction while maintaining the financial integrity of the Corporation.

The FSA oversees the daily operations of the Campus Store, Food Service and Residence Life (through Fall 2018).

For FSA employment postings, please visit

Services provided directly through the FSA office include:

Meal Plan & Cougar Cash Administration

Our office is located in the Main Academic Building in office 112.
Our telephone number is 518-562-4372 and our fax number is 518-562-4276.
To contact the Director of Campus Life 518-562-4381.
To contact the Dean for Student Affairs 518-562-4121.