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Residence Life Staff Information

It is our intention that the Residence Halls at Clinton Community College provide a safe, and secure environment, which addresses the academic and personal needs of the individual.  It is important that our program create an environment where students truly appreciate, respect and value the people with which they have the opportunity to live, work, and learn.  Life on campus is meant to be fun, exciting, and challenging! We strive to foster a sense of community on campus and students play a central role in creating an environment that values diversity, understanding and respect.

Who lives in the residence halls with the students?
The residence hall complex has resident assistants, and an Assistant Residence Hall Director living and working in the residence halls. The resident assistants are the core of our housing program and live on the floors with students working to assist in their college experience. The Assistant Residence Hall Director works as part of the residence life team creating a safe and healthy living/learning environment. The Director of Campus Life is responsible for the supervision, safety, and security of the residence halls.