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Working Groups, Fall 2010

Standard #

Standard Name

1, 7

Mission and Goals (1), & Institutional Assessment (7)

Wendy Grossmann, Chair

Kathleen Kasprzak

Harry Davis

Lynn Fowler

Steve St. Onge

Ray Judware

Mary Ann Weiglhofer

Gina Brightwell


2, 3

Planning, Resource Allocation and Institutional Renewal (2), & Institutional Resources (3)

Peter Grosskopf, Chair

Paul Bethka

Jon Chew

Priscilla Hammond

Tom Moffett

Amy Ryan

Mike Lawliss

Barb Golden

Peggy Perkins

Adrienne Boyd-Wiley

4, 5

Leadership & Government (4), & Administration (5)

Steve Frederick,


June Foley

John Conley

John Mockry

Judy Cavanaugh

Betty Hoyt

Mary Jo St. Germain

Gary Henry



Paul DeDominicas, Chair

Ian Burcroff

Chris Drennan

Darcy Purick

Susan Raab

Vicky Sloan

8, 9

Student Admissions and Retention (8), & Student Support Services (9)

Chrisa O’Connell, Chair

Laurie Bethka

Mohan Chandhoke

Martie Hewitt

Lee Ann Thomas

Nicole Allen

Jill Tarabula

Lauren Currie

Bob Luckett

Jeff Meyers

John Petro



Doc Sheehan, Chair

Al Cordes

Julie Hanson

Patti LaDuke

Kathy Stone

Wanda Haby

11, 13, 14

Educational Offerings (11), Related Educational Activities (13), & Assessment of Student Learning (14)

Willow Nolland & Scott Buffett, Chairs

Angela Barnaby

Gina Lindsey

Angie Alphonso

Janice Padula

Mary Tisdale

Cheryl Reagan

Terri Cummings

Ron Poland

Cheryl Seymour

Eric Arnold

Carey Goyette

Angela Doe

Randy Reese


General Education

Maggie Courson, Chair

Kaye Figlioli

Donna Lynch

Diane Parmeter

Wendy Pereiro