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Online Learning Technical Requirements

Online Course Technology Requirements

Although you do not have to be a computer expert, you must have basic computer knowledge such as word processing skills and experience using an Internet browser. If you don't have experience using the Internet or a computer, we recommend that you obtain computer skills training before participating in a course offered through the SUNY Learning Network. CSC102 Microcomputer Application offered in the classroom at CCC, and a General Education requirement is a great way to acquire these basic skills.  Please check the course catalog for time and place.

Your computer should have the minimum equivalent of a Pentium II processor with Windows 98 or higher operating system, or a Macintosh G3 processor with System 8 or higher operating system. The computer should have at least 64 MB RAM and a 56K baud modem. You must also have the following:

  • A connection to the Internet/WWW. Internet access may be provided by a dial up or cable modem Internet service, or obtained through a network connection (i.e. college or business LAN)
  • Windows users: Internet Explorer 5.5 and higher, or Netscape 6.2 and higher.
  • Macintosh users: Internet Explorer 5.1 and higher, or Netscape 6.2 and higher.
    You should not use a beta/preview version or different type of web browser software. The web browser must have cookies enabled or at least allow session cookie from the domain.
  • Valid, working email address that accepts mail from the SUNY Learning Network. Periodic maintenance of your mail account may be necessary if your provider limits the amount of messages you can keep in your mailbox. For example, Hotmail and Yahoo web mail services have a quota that when exceeded will prevent you from receiving new mail messages. If you use a spam block/filter or have a bulk mail area in your account, make sure you allow messages from the domain into your account's Inbox. You want to receive and find messages from the SUNY Learning Network system, which may include mail your professor or college sends to you during the semester.
  • Word processing software that has the capability to save files in the Microsoft Word 6.0 or RTF file format.
  • Optional: A printer will allow you to print out documents, such as the syllabus, course schedule, or assignments.
  •  Course specific software/hardware: Check with your professor or campus to determine whether course assignments may require you to use additional software and hardware. (i.e., MS Office, scanner for graphic arts course, spreadsheet software for a business course).
    Math courses at CCC require a TI83 or better graphing calculater with a link cable for the computer and the TI Connect software.
    Some professors include this information within their course materials document located within see Step 3 on the SLN Gateway page. Students who chose not to comply with the technical requirements may encounter limitations to their participation in the SLN courses.

Test Your System

By going to the link below you will be able to test your system for compatability with the SUNY Learning Network.

Test Your System Now