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Steps to Attend a Conference


  1. Check with your Department Chair or Supervisor to find out how your department distributes Professional Development funds and to seek approval to attend.
  2. Review the CCC Travel Policy Manual
  3. Once you have been given the verbal approval you will need to complete the following CCC paperwork.
    1. Travel Request Form (2016) with all supporting documentation (ie. registrations forms, agenda, lodging, and required signatures)
      1. You will also need to complete the registration for your conference and book your hotel room.
      2. If you will need to use a CCC credit card or purchase order you will need to work with the business office. (room 116M)
      3. If you will be using a rental car you will also work with the business office and see Sean Wright (room 103M) for car availability
    1. Faculty/NTF absence form (obtain from the HR office, 223M)
  1. Before you leave for your conference:
    1. Obtain the college credit card if you are not using a personal one and a Tax Exemption Form for your hotel room.
    2. Confirm any car rentals and pick up your car.
      1. Obtain the gas card from Tiffany Kirk (room 226M)
  1. During the conference:
    1. Save all receipts
    2. Keep track of mileage if you are driving your own car.
  1. After the conference:
    1. Return the rental car if used
    2. Return the credit card to the business office, if used, with copy of the receipt
    3. Complete a Travel Expense Report (2016) and submit to the business office with signatures and receipts.