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Professional Development Funds and Forms

Please scan to PDF and submit completed applications and supporting documentation to Janice Padula.  

Please review the Steps to Attend a Conference

Travel and Funding Policies:

Professional Development Funding Policy

CCC Travel Policy

Professional Development Funding and Travel Request Forms:

Professional Development Funding Application - Print Version

Professional Development Funding Application - Online Version

**If you choose to complete the online form (preferred), you will still need to print it out to obtain your department chair's signature.  If your information is not displaying fully when you print out the online form, print it as a PDF first and save it to your PC.  Your fields should fully display.  Then print the new PDF in hard copy so your department chair can sign it.  Once signed, please scan your signed application and supporting documents into a new PDF and submit your entire application to Janice Padula.    

Travel Request Form (2014)

In addition to the above forms, please remember to hand in an absence form to your Department Chair.  These are available at Human Resources. 

Once travel has taken place, please complete the Travel Expense Report (2015) form and submit with receipts. 

For general inquiries, please contact Janice Padula.