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Session Descriptions for May 31st Program 2013



Session 1- Blowing in the Wind
Students will investigate how wind can be used to generate electricity. Students will construct and test their own wind blade design and determine how much energy their design generated compared to others in the group. Science inquiry and mathematics is integrated into this activity through design testing, data collection and graphing.
Facilitator- Scott Buffett, Assistant Professor CCC

Session 2-It’s Electric!
Students will be introduced to the basics of electricity. Using snap together building blocks students will construct and test a variety of circuits.
Facilitator-Richard Lawrence, Assistant Professor CCC

Session 3- Rockin’ Rocket Science
Come explore and learn about Rocketry! In this exciting and interactive session we will learn about Newton’s Laws of Gravity and the parts of the rocket while creating pop rockets!
Facilitator- Chelsea Baxter, Cornell Cooperative Extension, CC 4-HSession 4-

Session 4-Stretchy Spring Science
Students will collect data and construct a graph to determine how weight influences the stretch of a spring. Students will construct hypotheses and make predictions.
Facilitator- Donna Lynch, Associate Professor, CCC

Session 5-Your Lungs, Your Body
Students will discover the inner workings of the human body with additional focus on the respratory system by exploring the differences between healthy and abnormal lung function.  Additional activities include listening to your own heart, taking your own blood pressure, listening to your own intestinal sounds, testing your reflexes. Preserved specimens and anatomical models will also be used for demonstration purposes.
Facilitator- Maureen Dixon, Northeast Chapter NYS Society for Respiratory Care
                    Dr. Amy Ryan, Assistant Professor CCC

Lunch 12:00-12:40
Students break for lunch after morning sessions have been completed. All students must bring their own lunch and drink.


Physical Science and Light Demonstration Show-Stafford Auditorium

The culminating event in the program will be the science demonstration show. Each demonstration will be performed and then explained. Student participation is part of some demonstrations so bring your thinking caps and end the day with a show that will leave you wanting more science!!

Facilitator- Michele Snyder, Associate Professor, STEM Outreach Coordinator, CCC

Connections to Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards