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General Information and Selection Guidelines June 5th Grade Program

1. Regardless of whether or not you have a secured place in the program for this year, all schools must submit a registration form if they want to participate either this year or next year.

2. If your school does not secure placement in the current year programming it will be placed on the list for next year and will have a place in the program in the subsequent year so long as funding continues and space is available. The number of schools accommodated will depend upon the number of days the program can be offered.

Rationale for submitting a registration form every year if your school wants to participate on a regular basis:

1. If your school applies, but is not one of the schools attending in the current year of application, your school will be placed at the top of the list for participation the following year. In essence, it helps ensure your place the following year if funding is available. Keep in mind funding may not always be available, appropriate facilitators may not be available, the number of required facilitators may not be adequate, or there may be limitations on the space available to provide the required number of days of programming every year to accommodate all schools. There will be schools that will not be able to participate even every other year and may have to wait until the 3rd year of offering depending on all of the above constraints.

2. I have had schools cancel and some of you have been the beneficiaries of this type of occurrence. If you apply and your school is on the list for the following year, you may receive a call asking if you’d still like to participate in the current year.

3. Schools that have not participated before have the opportunity to be placed on the list for subsequent programming.