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Middle School Programs

Environmental Science:  Angling for Answers--Lake Champlain’s Wild Watershed   July 9-11, 2012

Monday-Wednesday 9-3pm

Learn about the biodiversity of Lake Champlain's ecosystem and what we can do to protect and conserve it.   Participants will use a variety of data collection technology to explore life in the Lake Champlain basin, how humans and non-native species impact the environment and ecological systems, and what we can do to keep our lake healthy. We will look at water quality, how pollution affects soil and waterways, and how science can help find solutions.  Participants will also learn fishing technique, tackle, understanding regulations, and do some on-shore fishing.   Fish and/or amphibian anatomy will be investigated through dissection. 

Acceptance is limited to 20 participants. Environmental Science is for students entering 6th - 8th grades. The program fee is $60.00 per participant and runs Monday through Wednesday, 9-3pm. Wednesday from 2-3pm is parent participation day where students share their projects. Participants must bring their own lunch and snacks and watershoes.

Facilitator:  Sue Hagar, Outdoor Educator

Summer STEM Registration Form 2012

Past Middle School Programming
Robots and Science Connect (2009-2011)

This program brings together the world of computer programming and science. Participants will assemble a robot and use the Lego Mindstorms software, programming the robot to perform various tasks using sensors. Through experimentation, participants will learn the science behind motion, sound, IR, and light using Vernier technology. Each science concept explored aligns with the type of sensor participants will use to program their robots to perform a task. Each day builds on the next so that participants can link the science with the action of the robot.

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