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Section 2 (A3)

Section 2:

    The Student Senate shall have the responsibility for the Administration of the student activities fee monies. A budget process of application and review shall be conducted. The meeting in which the budget is to be approved must be an opening meeting. The final budget shall then be submitted by the Student Senate to the Chief Administrative Officer of the College no later than May 15 for final approval. In the administration and use of monies from student activity fees, three separate signatures are required to approve all expenditures of activity fee monies prior to their expenditure.

The approvals come from the following:

1) Faculty Advisor and Club President (in the event the Club President in unavailable or nonexistent, the Faculty Advisors signature will suffice).

2) Student Senate Treasurer, or in the absence of the Treasurer, the Student Senate Bookkeeper.

3) Vice President of Student Affairs or his/her designee or the College President.