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Section 3 (A7)

Section 3- Student Activities Board:

1) The Student Activities Board (SAB) shall program events and popular entertainment activities paid for with the student activity fee monies except for those sponsored by individual clubs or the Cultural Affairs Committee.

2) The SAB will prepare a budget each Spring for student activities to be approved in the Student Senate budget process. Those monies labeled student activities in the approved Senate budget will be under the control of the SAB. Student Senate approval will not be required for individual student activities programs.

3) The chairperson of the SAB will be selected from among its membership at the first meeting after the Spring election.

4) Student membership on the SAB will consist of the following:

n Four (4) members of the Student Senate appointed by the Student Senate President.

The SAB will also include the Vice President for Student Affairs or his/her designee, two faculty advisors appointed by the Faculty Senate, and the chairperson of the Cultural Affairs Committee.