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Clubs and Organizations

Clubs and Organizations

Clinton Community College has over 27 clubs and organizations. Extracurricular programs expand students' educational programs by offering unique opportunities to strengthen academic, professional, and cultural interests.  Students are encouraged to participate in clubs to meet new people, interact with CCC staff and faculty, develop valuable skills, clarify goals, see their own potential, give back, build their resume, and enhance their college experience.

Activity/Outing Club   Art Club Cheerleaders
Christian Students Club Civility Club Clinton Chronicle    
College Chorale Criminal Justice Club Drama Club
Environmental Science Club Future Human Services Professionals Association Equality Alliance
International Club Knitting & Crochet Club Math Club
National Honor Society for Human Services National Science Teachers Association Nursing Club
Phi Theta Kappa         Psychology in Film and Music Club Residence Hall Council
Sci-Fi Club Student Activities Board Student Ambassador Program
Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE) Student Senate Veterans Club

Activity/Outing Club

Advisors: Angela M. Alphonso, room 109H and Eric J. Arnold, room 109H

Meetings: 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month in 207H from 12-1pm

The Activity/Outing Club provides fun, recreational, and educational activities and outings for student members. They promote fitness, wellness, and healthy lifestyle choices across campus and in the greater community.

Art Club

Advisor: Ian M. Burcroff, room 317T

The art club consists of students who share a fondness of going to museums, Broadway performances and experiencing cultural events by traveling to major cities through the Atlantic and New England regions. Each semester our organization plans a weekend stay-over to places such as New York City, Boston, or Montreal. A listing of the fine arts venues and attractions that the art club has visited include: the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, the Cloisters, Museum of Natural Science, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, New England Aquarium, Notre Dame Cathedral, Biodome, Musee Des Beaux Arts. No artistic ability is required to become a member, only an interest in experiencing the “cultural cornucopia” that is part of our geographic locale.


Advisor: Lauren D. Currie, room 119M

The cheerleading team was formed in the fall of 2008 to promote a positive attitude and environment at games. Their goal is to help bring pride to CCC and to increase attendance at athletic games. They are off to a strong start, and hope to participate in a cheering competition in the near future.

Christian Students Club of Clinton Community College

Advisor: Joanna J. Jackson, room 531M

The purpose of this club is to promote Christian spiritual formation and fellowship.

Civility Club

Advisors: Jarrod P. Cone, room 538M, and Sarah Samson, room 150M

The Civility Club aims to promote awareness of civility on campus. To ensure a friendlier campus, the club will foster diginity and respect between all individuals regardless of race, ethicity, national origin, religion, disability, sex or sexual orientation. The clubs will establish an expectation of courtesy in behavior and communication. Another objective of the group is to promote a campus climate that is considerate and tolerant of a diversity of opinions, ideas, and backgrounds. The organization hopes to advance a culture of honesty, responsibility, and conscientious behavior. Another purpose of the group is to bring awareness respect to the community in regards to college property and the property of others. The club will encourage the highest standard of academic and ethical integrity.

Clinton Chronicle-Student Newspaper

Advisor: Vicky L. Sloan, room 517M

Clinton Chronicle staff meeting is every Wednesday at noon in Room 314M

The Student Newspaper provides information before and after on upcoming events on campus or in the community. It is a resource that provides access for current and prospective students and alumni to CCC related information. The Student Newspaper gives students an opportunity to become involved in campus activities and also real life experience in the media.

College Chorale

Advisor: Wanda Haby, room 313T

Meetings Times and Location: Mondays and Fridays from noon to 12:50 in Room 104T

College Chorale is the chorus of Clinton Community College. Students gain experience in singing, music reading, and performance. The Chorale performs for all Commencement exercises and for other ceremonial events as they occur. Chorale presents a concert on campus every semester. Students who join this chorus enroll for MUS 110 and receive one credit hour for participation. Students may enroll for credit for two semesters for a total of two credits.

Criminal Justice Club

Advisors: Catherine K. Eloranto, John A. Mockry, and Diana M. Wardell, room 303M

Meeting Time: First Wednesday of the month at 12 noon in room 309M

The Criminal Justice Club is a community-based club open to any Clinton Community College student, though most of the members are Criminal Justice majors. The club is involved in many campus and off-campus community activities throughout the year.

Drama Club

Advisors: Lee Ann Thomas, room 5511M and Jacqueline A. Robertin
Meetings: Wednesdays at noon Stafford Theater

Your Drama Club presents one full-length production each semester in our 170+ seat theatre in the Stafford Center for the Arts, Science and Technology. The cast and crew are CCC students, staff, faculty and/ or alumni.

Environmental Science Club

Advisors: Gary L. Henry, room 424M and Ian M. Burcroff, room 317T

The primary goal of the Environmental Science club is to promote awareness of sustainability among its membership and throughout the campus.

Future Human Services Professionals Association

Advisor: Judy Feigenbaum, room 462M

Meetings: Weekly, every Wednesday at noon in room 463M

The Future Human Service Professionals Association is a student lead group promoting the professional development of the Human Services students at Clinton Community College.

Equality Alliance

Advisors: June M. Foley, room 532M and Gina Lindsey, room 511M


The purpose of the Clinton Community Gay/Straight Alliance will be to educate, support, and raise awareness. With the rise of suicide among teenagers and young adults, cyber-bullying, and increase harassment in high schools and colleges it has become, now more than ever, more important to help guide change into a positive direction.


International Club

Advisor: Rebecca A. Wolff room 519M

Meetings Times and Location: Room 453M Wednesdays 12-1

The International Club provides educational, social and recreational opportunities for international and local students to interact with one another, to explore and share their cultural heritage, and to build connections with the college and North Country communities. Students engage and participate in activities designed to promote multiculturalism and to assist international students in their adjustment to North America culture. Students conduct fundraisings, present informal cultural forums, organize pot luck lunches, and plan trips to places of local and international (Montreal, Quebec, Ottawa) interest.


Knitting & Crochet Club

Advisor: Barbara O'Donovan, room 536M and Joanna J. Jackson room 531M

Welcome knitters of all levels. Even if you haven't knitted before, join a group of knitting enthusiasts who will show you all the purls and loops! Projects include knitting baby hats for newborns at CVPH and more!

Math Club

Advisors: Kara A. McBrayerand Donna M. Lynch, room 537M

The Math Club is open to all students regardless of major and math ability. The purpose is to get students involved in math and to work on projects to help other students, in a fun and informal way. Students will work on a calculator loan program for students in need, celebrate important dates and math concepts, such as an annual pi-day celebration, discuss current events and breakthroughs that are related to math, explore math in other forms of media, such as film and television, work on math challenge problems, and participate in competitions. By participating in the club the students will learn valuable leadership and teamwork skills that will follow them throughout their future education and career, while finding a new appreciation for math and community service.

National Organization for Human Services Honor Society

Advisor: Judy Feigenbaum, room 462M

The purpose of this society shall be to honor academic excellence; to foster lifelong learning, leadership and development; and to promote excellence in service to humanity.

National Science Teachers Association
 Science Club

Advisor: Michele A. Snyder, room315T

Meeting Times and Location: Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month in room 223T

In 2003 CCC became the first community college in the nation affiliated with the National Science Teachers Association. Our goal is to promote science literacy, to learn more about science in a fun and exciting atmosphere, and to develop leadership skills for members. Science club members have participated in and organized science activities for the college and the community. Each spring a club trip is organized. Past trips include the Boston Museum of Science, Cosmodome in Laval, Biodome/Insectarium/Botanical Gardens in Montreal and ECHO in Vermont. All students within the college community are welcome and encouraged to join.

Nursing Club

Advisors: Dawn M. Finney, room 503M and Kathleen Kasprzak, room 504M

Meetings: Fridays at noon in M105

The Nursing Club is an active group of students who work to promote social, educational and service projects. All nursing students, as well as other students may join. Service projects support various community health initiatives. The club also sponsors open lectures focused on current health issues. Organizing the annual Capping and Pinning Ceremony and the Nursing Banquet to honor both graduating senior nursing students and the advancement of the freshmen nursing students is the capstone activity each year.

Nursing Club Policy

Phi Theta Kappa

Advisors: Christopher Drennan, room 534M, Barbara A. Golden, room 123M, and Steven G. Frederick,  Alumni Cottage

Meeting Times and Location: 12:15-1 pm on Mondays in room 455M

Students who achieve a 3.5 cumulative GPA after completing 12 credits at CCC are invited to join the Alpha Pi Tau chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. The local college chapter provides opportunities for student leadership, fellowship, scholarship and participation in campus and community service projects. Members are invited to offer suggestions for projects which will involve and benefit not only PTK members, but the college and local community as well.

Psychology in Film and Music Club

Advisor: Jarrod P. Cone, room 538M 

Meetings: Wednesdays at noon in room 340M

This club will allow those interested in both the field of psychology and the visual/auditory arts the opportunity to interact socially and academically. Our major goal is to expose students to a variety of psychology related topics, fields, and events through film and music.

Residence Hall Council

Advisor: Sarah Samson

Residence Hall Council (RHC) is a student organization dedicated to promoting a positive residence hall environment. Every student who lives in the residence hall is automatically a member of our RHC. The purpose of RHC is to provide our students with numerous learning opportunities. RHC meetings provide residents with the opportunity to discuss residence hall rules and regulations, upcoming campus events, and upcoming RHC activities for our residence hall students to participate in such as bingo, midnight bowling, midnight breakfast, and residence hall vs. residence hall basketball games.

Sci-Fi Club

Advisor: Michael A. Lawliss, room 221T

Dedicated to the Anime/Fantasy/SciFi enthusiast. This club offers a forum for those interested in movies of these genres. Spend time discussing your favorite pastime with like minded individuals.

The Student Activities Board (SAB)

Advisor: Jarrod P. Cone, room 531M
Meeting Times and Location: Mondays, 3:30 Room 531M

The Student Activities Board (SAB) brings in extracurricular programs for student entertainment. SAB is a student-run organization that strives to provide the campus with recreational, social, and entertainment programs. Any student at Clinton is encouraged to join to help actively plan, promote, organize and facilitate a large number of activities. Past activities have included a psychic fair, game shows, inflatables, and comedians. Learn more:

Student Ambassador Program

Advisors: Lauren D. Currieand Donna S. Dixon, 120M or 232HPER

Meetings: No scheduled meetings

Student Ambassadors are leaders who are enthusiastic about attending Clinton, comfortable speaking in front of groups and can relate to new students.  Student Ambassadors help by leading prospective students and their families on campus tours of the academic buildings.  They also share their experiences as a student on Student Panels.


Becoming a Student Ambassador will help build your resume and also earn letters of recommendation for leadership and service to the Admissions Office. 


You can become a Student Ambassador by having a minimum GPA of 2.5 and obtaining 2 letters of recommendation from a Clinton Community College staff or faculty member. 


To join the program, or learn more about the program, you can contact Donna Dixon or Lauren Currie in the Admissions Office (141M).

Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)

Advisor: Jeffrey S. Chase, room 543M


An internationally recognized organization with student "teams" from colleges and universities throughout the world. The mission of SIFE is to bring together the top leaders of today and tomorrow to create a better, more sustainable world through the positive power of business. A SIFE team at CCC would be a student service bridge complementing the academic bridge that CCC now offers in the two to four year college transition. In addition, CCC's international student enrollment has increased and is projected to remain strong. A SIFE team would provide an opportunity for international students to interact with the local community while working on local and international projects.

Student Leadership and Student Senate

Senate Advisors: Jarrod P. Cone, room 538M, and Joanna Jackson, room 311T

Meetings: Every Monday at noon in 109M, Student Senate Boardroom

Leaders are people who can influence others in a positive way. Some leaders play formal roles in student clubs, their residence halls and on athletic teams. Other ways of leading include playing an active role in class discussions, standing up for a cause you believe in, or volunteering your time and encouraging your friends to get involved. Our goal at Clinton Community College is to help all students develop their leadership potential by providing opportunities to lead their peers one way or another.

All students are welcome to attend Student Senate meetings and to run for office as a Student Senator. The elected Student Senate is responsible for the development of a student activities program and the disbursement of more than $100,000 in student activities monies. Activities include academic clubs, special interest clubs, chorus and drama, Honor Society, and intercollegiate athletics. The Student Senate sponsors a wide variety of activities program a vital part of the education experience at Clinton Community College.

To learn more about Student Leadership at Clinton Community College, please contact the Student Leadership Advisor at (518) 562-4330, stop by room 140M or

Veterans Club

Advisor: Ron A. Poland, room 530M or 127T, Tracy S. Guynup, room 132M, and  Joanna J. Jackson, room 531M

Meetings: 127T @ noon, Every Wednesday

This club was formed to assist student veterans with VA-related issues, mental health issues, and college relations. Long term goals include visiting historical military sites, raising money for a veterans scholarship fund, and setting up a carpool list for those with VA medical appointments in Albany.

To join the Veteran's Club, or to learn more about the club, please contact Secretary/Treasurer: Sean Brown.

Starting a new club is easy. See Jarrod P. Cone in room 531M or call 518-562-4344 to find out how.