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Student Senate Meeting Dec. 3, 2007

December 3, 2007: Noon -1pm

Officers Present: Jason Walker, Kris Dewine

Staff Representatives: Lauren Touhey, Mark Davidson, Martha Lockwood, Tobi Hay

Student Representatives: Adam Scharf, Morgan McKinney, Aaron Zaidan, Josh Clancy, Michael Whaler, Jeff Defaette, Art Covert, Robert Hendrix, Emily Lawrence, Zach Pearo

Review of Minutes:
Minutes were approved

Old/ Unfinished Business:

* The election for a new Vice-President was being held and all voters were cast in and Tobi Hay tallied the votes and declared Adam Scharf the new Vice-President.

*Advertising Committee:
    Adam Scharf and Donavin Williams set up last week in the cougar's den from 1-3pm and they
    did not receive a lot if interest from the public. Adam Scharf suggested that he may need to put
    up posters when he is advertising the Senate. The committee also may have to switch locations
    due to construction.

*WEB committee:
    Morgan McKinney announced that she is still working on more improvements to the Student Senate web site. Ms. McKinney said she would like to apply the By-Laws to the page.

*Tree Decorating:
    Would like to decorate the tree after the meeting

*End of Semester Lunch:
    The advisors of the Student Senate have been looking for ways to come up with money, and they have suggested that we order pizza. The estimated cost of the lunch is 50 dollars. There was a motion by Adam Scharf  to take money from the fund balance to finance the lunch. The motion was approved.

New Business:
The financial report was upgraded by Kris Dewine.