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Section 5 (A4)

Section 5—Senators

The powers and duties of each Senator shall be as follows:

1) The Senators are required to be cognizant of the demands and needs of the student body from which they were elected.

2) The Senators will have the authority to introduce for consideration of the full Student Senate any motions or resolutions which, in their opinion, or the opinion of any member of the student body, will advance the purpose of the student body and the Student Senate.

3) Each Senator shall be a voting member of the Student Senate.

4) Each Senator shall be required to attend every regularly scheduled meeting of the Student Senate. If a Senator misses four (4) such meetings during one (1) term, he/she shall be removed from office unless such absences are excused. Excused absences shall include personal illness, death or illness in the family, or other circumstances approved in advance by the President of the Student Senate.

5) All Senators are expected to attend all meetings of the committees of which they are members. Furthermore, the designated Senators will be expected to perform duties concerned with and become a working member of said committees (e.g. budget hearings).