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Student Senate Meeting Nov. 19, 2007

November 19, 2007: Noon -1pm

Officers Present: Donavin Williams, Jason Walker, Kris Dewine

Staff Representatives: Lauren Touhey, Mark Davidson, Martha Lockwood, Tobi Hay

Student Representatives: Adam Scharf, Aaron Zaidan, Josh Clancy, Michael Whaler, Jeff Defaette, Art Covert, Robert Henrixs, Emily Lawrence

Financial Business:

Donavin Williams and Martha Lockwood informed the Student Senate about the current Fund balance and our savings account. Ms. Lockwood and Mr. Williams reported the budget for last year which was $221,000 and that we already spent $56,000 of that budget and we are currentyl at $141,000.

Old Business:

* Kris Dewine Proposed $10,000 instead of $25,000 (Which the Student Senate never voted on).

* The Senate Discussed the issue of spending $25,000 on the spring fling event, and the proposal was denied.

*Advertising Committee:
Adam Scharf announced that 1-3 on Monday, Wednesday and Friday that he will begin
publicly advetisiing the Student Senate, and requested that the members of the Senate stop by
during that time.

The Web committee announced that they have made major improvments to the web page by
creating multiple hyperlinks. The meetings are held Tuesdays and Thursaday at 2pm.

New Business:

Dr. St Onge requested 4,000 dollars for an improved student handbook.

Clinton Community College Foundation support requested a donation from the Student Senate. Steve Fredrick provides scholarships for students at the college.


*Tobi Hay Faculty Student Association needs a student voting member to attend their meetings once a month. Aaron Zaidan volunteered.

*Toni Hay announced that the Vice-President has not been reporting to the senate meetings. Ms. Hay suggests that the Senate nominate a new Vice-President and Jeff Defayette was nominated.

*Donavin Williams announced that he would like to keep the senate on track for future elections and budget meetings. For the next meeting Mr. Willliams wants to set goals for next semester and Mr. Williams is giving out Bi Laws.

Meeting Adjourned at 12:54