Professional Development Funding

Professional development is an important component to ensuring students continue to receive a state of the art education at Clinton Community College. The CCC Foundation actively works with donors who wish to contribute to the College in this particular way.  These dollars can ensure full time faculty and adjunct instructors from the community have access to innovative training related to new equipment, program development resources, or essential faculty research.  Some of our current philanthropic initiatives in the area of professional development include the following:

Westfall Professional Development Grant

The Harriet Westfall Professional Development fund exists to help faculty and staff attend conferences, obtain certification, conduct a research project, develop a new project, or engage in any other learning endeavor that enhances their contribution the CCC community and mission. This fund is open for contributions by the community at large and can be found in our selection of donation options within our "Make a Gift" page.  If you would like to include this fund in a bequest, please contact us at for specific instructions. 

The Harriet Westfall Professional Development fund application is available to all CCC employees for the 2021-2022 academic year. Full-time faculty and staff are eligible to receive up to $1,000, and part-time faculty and staff are eligible to receive up to $500. 

The deadline for submitting an application for consideration will be in November.

Apply here  


Nursing Skills Lab Development Fund

Students from the nursing program at Clinton Community College consistently pass their certification exams at very high levels. In 2020, only four other New York colleges or universities had a pass higher rate.  Our students routinely out perform many students from four year schools around the state on this important exam.  The answer to Clinton's success providing students with clinical experience with state of the art equipment, and faulty who are well trained on the use of that equipment within a teaching setting.  If you would like to consider contributing to this fund through a donation or a legacy bequest, please contact us at

Institute of Advanced Manufacturing Training Fund

Clinton Community College opened its Institute of Advanced Manufacturing (IAM) in 2017 with state of the art technology that serves the advanced manufacturing industry within the North Country's geographic region and beyond. The CCC Foundation actively raises funds to assist academic and field professionals who teach within the IAM to keep pace with the demands of ever changing technology within the advanced manufacturing fields. Particularly, the CCC Foundation partners with the North Country Chamber of Commerce and the North American Center for Excellence for Transportation Equipment to ensure local instructors of CCC Students have the training resources they need to help the North Country stay on the cusp of industry innovation. If you, or your organization, would like to make a tax deductible donation to this fund, please reach out to our Associate Director of Institutional Advancement, Megan