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🇫🇷Simple French Cuisine - Cooking Lesson!

Chef Curtiss loved his time in France, it influenced his later cooking in many ways. With this class he would like to showcase the techniques and simplicity of #French country #cooking.

Chef Curtiss will craft a twist on one of his favorite French aperitifs, the Kir Royale. Instead of white wine he is incredibly excited to be using Oval Craft Brewing’s newly released hard cider.

“This batch is made with wild and beer yeast. It is 8.6% ABV with blackberries added. The flavor is tart with a nice fruity finish.”-Jesse Jolicouer

Don’t fear if you are not in our area, the Kir Royal is just as good with many other ciders. Try the 1911’s Rose, Citizen Cider’s Brose or what ever your favorite is. Chef Curtiss is also sharing his award winning recipe for Maple Spiced Walnuts.

Post libation Chef Curtiss will prepare a classic pan seared bistro filet, a tender cut from the shoulder muscle. Other cuts will work fine as well, try the chuck eye tender, filet mignon, sirloin, boneless small end rib eye, boneless NY strip steak or CAB sirloin cap steak (coulotte).

If you wish to buy beef from one of our local shops (please do as the support you offer is much needed during these times) you can do so at Asgaard Farm (you know I love that farm and their products), Donahue’s Livestock Farms, North Country Food Coop, Keeseville Farmacy , Cumberland Bay Market and D&D Meats among other places in your community.

The menu for this lesson will be

Kir Royaleoval craft brewing hard cider, creme de cassis

Maple Spiced Walnuts, maple syrup, thyme leaves, salt, pepper

See Less Filet pan
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Thursday, 21 May 2020


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