Mind, body & Soul Series with Tom Bull

Below is the link to the event and the link to the Facebook Business Page, where the event will be broadcasted through Facebook Live.  Please share with anyone that would like to attend.  The event is open to all.

Mind Body Soul Event Link:


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The Mind, Body, Soul Series (Wednesdays at 12:00pm) 

Tom provides principles, perspectives, and practices for addressing everyday life challenges, including the difficulties we face during these unprecedented times. Tom is a powerful speaker and life coach focused on helping individuals develop an unwavering positive mindset, turning adversity into opportunities for growth. In this Facebook Live series, Tom will offer a platform of encouragement, empowerment, and real time engagement for overcoming struggles we face, while emphasizing the significance of developing and maintaining solid mental, physical, and emotional health that is continuously thriving. Tom will also equip us with real tools and strategies for not only managing adverse circumstances, but to reveal invaluable lessons in these challenging moments and expose what we are truly capable of and who we truly are when we engage the courage within.  Tom will inspire us to be intentional with how we sustain and strengthen our most powerful state of mind even amidst of chaos by being self-aware of what we think, feel and do in any given set of circumstances.    

Sponsored by the Student Activities Board of CCC

Wednesday, 17 February 2021


Sarah McCarty

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