Douglas Library

Douglas Library Collection Development Policies

Douglas Library Mission Statement

Provide the college community access to the information, ideas, services, and environments needed to strengthen teaching and learning. 
The goal of library collection development is to provide access to scholarly information in support of the educational objectives of the College.  This access is provided by the acquisition of the essential literature in each curricular field.  To ensure the academic quality of the subject collection, the library must acquire titles which will enhance and augment the educational endeavor.  Recommendations for purchase may be initiated by any member of the academic community.

The library supports cooperative resource sharing programs which provide users with resources otherwise unobtainable with existing funds, and strives to avoid overlapping coverage and duplication of materials.  Given funding constraints, bibliographic access to library materials through Interlibrary Loan is a viable alternative to the purchase of materials to meet an occasional user's need.  The decision to purchase is governed by cost in relation to expected usage by students and faculty.  The Douglas Library subscribes to the tenets of the American Library Association's statements in its Bill of Rights on intellectual freedom, supporting the right to unrestricted access of information. 

Douglas Library Criteria for Selection of Materials for Inclusion in the General Collection

1) The importance of the subject matter to the collection
2) Timeliness or permanence of the material
3) Authoritativeness
4) Accuracy of information
5) The technical excellence, durability and readability of the format
6) The author's reputation and significance as a writer
7) Inclusion of the title in organized bibliographies
8) Price
9) Availability of materials on the subject

Adirondack and Juvenile Collection Development

Media/Non-Print Collection Development

Recreational, Popular and Fictional Materials and Gifts

Reference Collection Development

Serials Collection Development

Weeding and Replacement of Materials

Reviewed August 2016

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