Douglas Library

Policy on Confidentiality of Library Records

The Douglas Library protects each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received, and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted. 

Records are not made available to any agency of state, federal or local government except pursuant to such process, order or subpoena as may be authorized under the authority of, and pursuant to, federal, state, or local law relating to civil, criminal, or administrative discovery procedures or legislative investigative power. 

To protect patron privacy, the Douglas Library, through its library management system, has an automated process in place ("patron scrub") which regularly delinks patron circulation records from resources consulted, borrowed or acquired.  As a result, library staff are unable to look up borrowing records for a patron or other interested party. This includes, books, DVDs, calculators, equipment, etc. 

Drafted 9/21/17 jmt

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