Online Tutoring Service




Patti LaDuke - Learning Skills Coordinator 
Kelly Misner - STEM Success & Retention Coordinator 
Cody Miller - Reading/Writing Success & Retention Coordinator 


VIA ZOOM (online collaboration service for meetings, chats and sharing of documents.)
*All Tutoring will be Online via Zoom starting March 30th 
*Please see the Online Tutoring Schedule


How will tutoring be delivered during the rest of the Spring 2020 semester?
ANSWER: Tutoring will be offered online using Zoom.
How do I know what is available online for tutoring?
Answer: Visit the tutoring center website to find the online schedule.
How do I connect to a tutoring session via Zoom?
Answer: You can join a meeting by clicking the meeting link in the online tutoring schedule or you can go to and enter the meeting ID (the number at the end of the link)
What technology* do I need to have in order to be able to use Zoom for online tutoring?
Answer: You must have internet connection, a web cam (optional if you don't want the tutor to see you or your class material), a mic and speakers in order to talk with and hear the tutor.

*Desktop computer users must download Zoom and have Window XP, Vista, or 7, 8 or 10.
*Mobile device users must download the Zoom App from the Apple Appstore or Google Play and have iOS 7 or later, iPadOS 13 or later, Android 4.0x or later .


Moore Building, 2nd floor

Learning Commons

  • Tutoring Lab - 217M
  • Writing Center - 214M
Tutoring Schedule

  • Patricia L. LaDuke 
    Learning Skills Coordinator
    Office: 216M
    Phone: 518-562-4272
  • Kelly A. Misner
    STEM Success and Retention Coordinator
    Office: 512M
    Phone: 518-562-4257
  • Cody S. Miller
    Reading/Writing Success and Retention Coordinator
    Office: 519M
    Phone: 518-562-4389