Important Relocation Information as of February 6, 2024

  • Clinton Community College is relocating to the SUNY Plattsburgh campus.
  • The anticipated start date of teaching and operations at the new campus location is the 
    start of the Fall 2025 semester. 
  • Clinton Community College will retain its identity as a community college delivering 
    associate degree programs and certificates at its new location. 
  • Clinton Community College will continue to operate as an independent, autonomous 
    institution with the same existing funding structure, governance structure, and mission 
    at its new location.
  • The relocation is not a merger with SUNY Plattsburgh. 
  • SUNY system and the Chancellor have no direct authority over Clinton Community 
    College except in three areas: appointment of the college president, the annual state 
    funding allocation, and SUNY reporting requirements. In all other areas, SUNY system 
    and the Chancellor only have an advisory role. 
  • Clinton County owns the property of our current location and will continue to do so after 
    relocation. The Clinton County Legislature approves the college budget. 
  • All funding for the renovation of the building(s) designated for Clinton Community 
    College will come from the SUNY Construction Fund. No college funds will be used for 
    this purpose.
  • No decisions have yet been made regarding the specific building(s) at SUNY Plattsburgh which will be used for Clinton administrative, instructional and student support 
  • The relocation will include the establishment of shared services agreements with SUNY 
    Plattsburgh, but no decisions have yet been made for specific areas to be included in the shared services agreements.
  • The Office of the SUNY Chancellor will serve as intermediary between Clinton 
    Community College and SUNY Plattsburgh on an as-needed basis.