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Name Title Department Telephone
Sabin, Stanley Adjunct Instructor History & Social Science
Santaniello, Theodore Adjunct Instructor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Santor, Ron Adjunct Instructor Criminal Justice Department
Savard, Katherine Adjunct Instructor Mathematics Department
Sciascia, Kaila Womens Head Soccer Coach Athletics 562-4220
Scott, David Network Administrator Information Technology 562-4185
Sells-Doyle, Laura Adjunct Instructor Humanities 562-4346
Seymour, Cheryl Typist Accommodative Services 562-4253
Seymour, Alan Senior Building Maintenance Worker Buildings and Grounds 562-4216
Seymour, Disa Nursing Skills Lab Learning Coordinator Nursing and Allied Health 562-4178
Sheehan, Doc Adjunct Instructor Science Department 562-4200
Sheldon, Maggie Adjunct Instructor Humanities
Simpson, Nancy Typist, CCWD/HR Community and Workforce Development 562-4139
Sims, Holly Adjunct Instructor History, Political Science, Economics and Geography Department 562-4200
Slater, Sarah Paraprofessional Tutor Tutoring Center
Sloan, Vicky Professor English Department 562-4281
Smith, Alan Adjunct Instructor Technology Department
Smith, Matthew Adjunct Instructor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Snide, Matthew Lab Coordinator Technology Department 562-4306
Sorgule, Leif Adjunct Instructor Technology Department
Steen, Susan Paraprofessional Tutor Tutoring Center
Stortz, Saundra Adjunct Instructor Humanities 562-4346
Stout, Darryl Adjunct Instructor Mathematics Department 562-4200
Swarts, David Professor Emeritus Business and Technology 562-4273
Szalkowski, Jenny Typist Processing 562-4109
Szalkowski, Jill Typist - Department Chair Nursing and Allied Health 562-4165