Wind Turbine Service Technician Certificate

The Wind Turbine Service Technician Certificate Program is a 33 credit program designed to prepare students to begin their career in wind energy or enhance current employment in the renewable energy industry. Students will acquire a strong background in industrial electricity and mechanical systems in order to safely and competently work in the wind industry. All of the credit hours in this certificate are transferable to the Wind Energy and Turbine Technology A.A.S. Degree Program.

Discipline Category Descriptions

Minimum Certificate Requirements (33 credits)
Effective Fall 2022
Math (4 credits)
MAT 105 Technical Mathematics I
Computer Science (3 Credits)
CSC 230 Introduction to Networking
Electrical/Electronics Technology (7 Credits)
 ETE 101 Electrical Circuits
 ETE 202 Industrial Electricity


Mechanical Technology (6 Credits) 
MEC 102 Blueprint Reading & Technical Schematics
MEC 206 Principles of Fluid Power Systems
MEC 209 Industrial Health & Safety


Wind Energy & Turbine Technology (13 Credits) 
WTT 101 Intro. to Wind Energy & Wind Turbine Technology
WTT 102 Wind Turbine Mechanical Systems
WTT 103 Safety at Height and Rescue
WTT 201 Power Generation and Delivery
WTT 202 Wind Turbine Troubleshooting

Degree Requirements Worksheets

 Students who hold a Wind Turbine Service Technician Certificate may:

  • Go straight to work in the wind field
  • Apply the credits toward the Wind Energy & Turbine Technology A.A.S. degree

Gainful Employment

The United States Department of Education has recently mandated that certain information for programs designed to lead to gainful employment be disclosed to prospective students. 

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