Tammy Villanueva Honored as One of 20 Outstanding Women from Vermont and Northern New York for 2023

20 Outstanding Women of 2023- Tammy Villanueva

Tammy Villanueva, retired Assistant to the President / Secretary to Board of Trustees at Clinton Community College, has been selected as one of 20 Outstanding Women from Vermont and Northern New York for 2023. This prestigious recognition celebrates her exceptional contributions to her community and her unwavering dedication to helping others.

Nominated by her former colleague at CCC, John Borner, Tammy Villanueva’s impact on her Plattsburgh community is profound and far-reaching. Throughout her career and retirement, Tammy has been deeply involved in various activities, all with a common thread of serving others.

Tammy's commitment to education and community service is exemplified by her roles at Clinton Community College and Plattsburgh High School where she served as an Administrative Assistant. Also at Clinton Community College, she played a vital role in assisting students with the Cougar Food Pantry, ensuring that essential resources were available to those in need within the local community.

Beyond her professional roles, Tammy is actively engaged in supporting cancer survivors, inspired by her own journey as a survivor. She is a dedicated participant in Relay for Life and a member of the breast cancer support group, “The Boobie Sisters.” Her involvement in these initiatives reflects her compassion and solidarity with those affected by cancer.

Tammy Villanueva is also renowned for her culinary talents, particularly for her Michigan Sauce, a beloved delicacy at the Cougar Holiday Classic Tournament. Her efforts in preparing this special treat exemplify her love and care for her community, further endearing her to all who know her.

John Borner, in his nomination, praised Tammy's tireless efforts, community engagement, and unwavering dedication, stating, “Her tireless efforts, community engagement, support of cancer survivors, and unwavering dedication truly set her apart.”

This recognition was made possible through the generous sponsorship of Hannaford Supermarkets and Big Country 98.9 WOKO. On March 27th, Tammy Villanueva attended a special awards ceremony to receive well-deserved recognition for her outstanding contributions.