Emergency Service Programs

Helping People Save Lives

The EMT programs are designed for individuals who want to be part of the preparedness, response and recovery efforts in emergency situations. We are dedicated to promoting a sufficient, stable, and well-trained EMS workforce, as well as enhancing the health and safety of all EMS providers. Emergency Medical Services (EMS) professionals get to help people in some of their most trying times. With the right training, you will be prepared to handle some of the most difficult challenges and situations while saving a life or bringing a new life into the world!

EMT Career Pathways 

In the EMT program, you will gain a strong foundation in emergency medical practice and prepare for certification. Once certified, you can begin a career as an EMT, or continue your education to become a paramedic, nurse or other emergency medical professional.

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Basic EMT
Basic EMT Refresher
Advanced EMT (AEMT)

Basic EMT and Refresher are typically offered two times a year. *  Fall course starts in early September.  Spring course starts in early January.  All courses dates will be provided 4-6 weeks prior to the course starting.

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* New coming summer of 2021, Basic EMT and EMT refresher. Click here for more details.

Registration is completed online unless being sponsored.  All sponsored registration must provide a commit to pay letter prior to attending class.
All Students must be 17 by the NYS certifying exam.
Online Registration
Basic EMT
Basic EMT Refresher
EMT students will be required to complete the following forms the first night of class.
and complete forms the instructors provides
Completion is required prior to taking your written exam.
NIMS IS-100.b
NIMS IS-700.a
Hazmat Awareness
NIMS ICS   100b, 700, and Hazmat Awareness are a requirement for this class. 
Basic EMT: $750 up to one week prior to the start of the course.
$800 one week prior to the start of the course.
Basic EMT Refresher: $335 up to one week prior to the start of the course.
$385 one week prior to the start of the course.
AEMT: $1000 up to one week prior to the start of the course.
$1050 one week prior to the start of course.
Textbook link is provided at registration.


How  to register and pay
NYS Department of Health EMS Reimbursement Information

Qualified NYS EMS agencies may be able to have their tuition expense reimbursed through the NYS Department of Health, Bureau of Emergency Services. Reimbursement for tuition expenses paid at the beginning of an EMT's EMS training program can only be obtained after the class is completed and the student receives his/her certification card. To obtain reimbursement for the full tuition (tuition only, not text or other training materials) the agency requesting reimbursement must complete a State of New York STANDARD VOUCHER (form AC 92).

Click here for the Agency Voucher: NYS Agency Voucher