Ian Burcroff, Jim Graves, Jill Tarabula

Celebrating Excellence

“I continue to be impressed by the people at Clinton. It is an honor to have these colleagues recognized for their outstanding work and commitment to the college.” - Interim President, Frederick Smith.

  • Jarrod Cone (Assistant Professor of Psychology) received the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Faculty Service; Debra Nelson (Typist in Academic Affairs) received the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Classified Service; and Saundra Stortz (Adjunct Professor of Music) received the Chancellor's Award for Excellence in Adjunct Teaching. The Chancellor's Awards are given by the State University of New York in recognition of consistently superior professional achievement and to encourage the ongoing pursuit of excellence.

"We Live It, You Learn It," was the theme of Clinton's marketing campaign for 2014-15, highlighting distinguished faculty members who are each experts in their field. However, all Clinton faculty members are experts in their field, as demonstrated by their selection into juried shows, national publications, and participation as keynote speakers.

  • English faculty members, Aimee Baker and Vicky Sloan were published in national journals.
  • Art faculty members were also featured. Ian Burcroff had work accepted to a juried show, and Judy Corigliano had work featured in a national journal.
  • Adjunct Instructor David Monette wrote and illustrated his second novel, The Warring Dead.
  • Faculty members Scott Buffett (Wind Energy) and David Graham (French) were featured as experts in their respective fields at regional conferences.