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Office Name - Website LinkOffice LocationPhone NumberOffice Directory Link
Academic Advising140 Moore Building(518) 562-4330 Academic Advising Directory
Academic Affairs222 Moore Building(518) 562-4110 Academic Affairs Directory
Accommodative Services420 Moore Building(518) 562-4252 Accommodative Services Directory
Admissions Office123 Moore Building(518) 562-4170 Admissions Office Directory
Alumni & College FoundationFoundation and Alumni Cottage(518) 562-4103 Alumni & College Foundation Directory
Art Program222 Moore Building(518) 562-4110 Art Program Directory
Athletics210 HPER Building(518) 562-4220 Athletics Directory
Buildings and GroundsAnnex(518) 562-4119 Buildings and Grounds Directory
Bursar129 Moore Building(518) 562-4135 Bursar Directory
Business Affairs226 Moore Building(518) 562-4130 Business Affairs Directory
Business Department  Business Department Directory
Career Services231 Moore Building(518) 562-4121 Career Services Directory
Career Services147 Moore Building(518) 562-4199 Career Services Directory
College Advancement Program 222 Moore Building(518) 562-4110 College Advancement Program Directory
College RelationsAlumni Cottage(518) 562-4160 College Relations Directory
Community and Workforce DevelopmentPines Cottage(518) 562-4139 Community and Workforce Development Directory
Counseling and Advisement146 Moore Building(518) 562-4199 Counseling and Advisement Directory
Criminal Justice Department303 Moore Building(518) 562-4176 Criminal Justice Department Directory
CVRSF214 Stafford Building(518) 562-4273 CVRSF Directory
Douglas Library2nd Floor Moore Building(518) 562-4241 Douglas Library Directory
English Department  English Department Directory
Faculty Student Association112 Moore Building(518) 562-4372 Faculty Student Association Directory
Financial Aid122 Moore Building(518) 562-4125 Financial Aid Directory
General Education222 Moore Building(518) 562-4110 General Education Directory
Health Physical Education and Recreation109 HPER Buillding(518) 562-4228 Health Physical Education and Recreation Directory
History, Political Science, Economics and Geography Department  History, Political Science, Economics and Geography Department Directory
Human Resources223 Moore Building(518) 562-4138 Human Resources Directory
Human Services Department  Human Services Department Directory
Humanities Department  Humanities Department Directory
Information Technology339 Moore Building(518) 562-4261 Information Technology Directory
Institutional Effectiveness 218M(518) 562-4184 Institutional Effectiveness Directory
Math Department549 Moore Building(518) 562-4273 Math Department Directory
Nursing & Allied Health504 Moore Building(518) 562-4165 Nursing & Allied Health Directory
Online Learning517 Moore Building(518) 562-4281 Online Learning Directory
President's Office233 Moore Building(518) 562-4100 President's Office Directory
Registrar130 Moore Building(518) 562-4124 Registrar Directory
Science Department214 Stafford Building(518) 562-4273 Science Department Directory
SecurityAnnex(518) 593-0777 Security Directory
Social and Behavioral Sciences Department  Social and Behavioral Sciences Department Directory
Student Affairs231 Moore Building(518) 562-4121 Student Affairs Directory
Student Health Records and Requirements141 Moore Building(518) 562-4129 Student Health Records and Requirements Directory
Student Senate231 Moore Building(518) 562-4121 Student Senate Directory
Technology Department  Technology Department Directory
Tutoring Center412 Moore Building(518) 562-4251 Tutoring Center Directory
Veterans Affairs132 Moore Building(518) 562-4266 Veterans Affairs Directory