Business Management Certificate

The Certificate in Business Management is designed for individuals seeking to advance their careers in their current positions or aspiring to new supervisory positions in a business. Students completing the certificate will have obtained college-level reading, writing, math, and computer application skills. Core courses will give students background in the areas that will be beneficial to them in a supervisory role including Introduction to Business, Fundamentals of Accounting, Business Law, Principles of Management and Principles of Marketing or Business Communications. The certificate can be completed completely online. For college-ready individuals, the certificate can be completed in two semesters when studying full time.  

Discipline Category Descriptions

Minimum Degree Requirements (24 credits)
Effective Fall 2021
Accounting (3 Credits)
ACC 110 Fundamentals of Accounting
Business (12 Credits)
BUS 101 Introduction to Business

BUS 201
BUS 213

 Principles of Marketing or
Business Communication

BUS 250 Principles of Management
BUS 260 Business Law I
Computer Science (3 Credits)
CSC 102 Introduction to Microcomputer Applications
English (3 Credits)
 ENG 101 English Composition
Math (3 Credits)
-----------> Any MAT course above 100

Degree Requirements Worksheets

 Students who hold a Business Management Certificate may:

  • move up in their careers into supervisory roles
  • can start their own business with a solid foundation of management knowledge
  • apply the courses towards a college degree in business

Gainful Employment

The United States Department of Education has recently mandated that certain information for programs designed to lead to gainful employment be disclosed to prospective students.

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