Individual Studies A.A.S.

The Individual Studies degree option provides students with a great deal of flexibility to develop their own course of study. Course concentration is divided mainly among the Humanities, Social Sciences, and Math/Science disciplines, with a large number of electives and free electives completing the curriculum. Sixty credits are needed to receive the Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.) in the Individual Studies Program. This program can be used either by students who are unsure of their plans and need flexibility to explore educational options, or by adult learners who wish to develop their own personally planned course of study (approved by the College) because of special educational needs and career goals. The A.A.S. degree, like the A.A. and A.S. degrees, can be used for transfer to a similar four year program, but the A.A.S. degree was designed mainly to lead individuals directly to employment in a specific career. Admission to the Individual Studies Program is selective. Students who would like to pursue this degree must complete the Individual Studies Degree Application.

Discipline Category Descriptions

Minimum Degree Requirements (60 credits)
English (6 credits)
ENG 101 English Composition
ENG 102
ENG 235
Literature & Composition  or
Technical Writing
Humanities or Social Science (6 Credits)
--------> Humanities or Social Science electives
Math or Science (6-8 Credits)

Any MAT courses above 100   or
Any 4-credit natural science course with a lab


Individual Studies Electives (3 Credits) 

College credited courses from above disciplines,
as per advisement


Free Electives (37-39 Credits) 
--------> Any courses that receive college credit

Degree Requirements Worksheets

Students who earn an Individual Studies A.A.S. degree are prepared for entry-level work in a variety of career fields, based on the student's focus of study.

Graduates of the program have found employment in the area of their personally planned course of study and can be found working in a variety of career fields including local businesses, area hospitals, and human service agencies.


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