Faculty Profile

Jeffrey Meyers

Jeff Meyers

Associate Professor - English Department

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Master of Arts/Liberal Studies, Plattsburgh State
Bachelor of Science/Education, Plattsburgh State
Bachelor of Arts/English, Plattsburgh State

Courses Taught:

English Composition, Newswriting, Technical Writing, World Literature

Academic Background and Interests

I have been teaching in the English Department at Clinton Community College since 1984 and have seen many changes in education over that time period (yes, students had to write essays by hand or with a device called a typewriter when I first started teaching composition). I have a special interest in professional writing, the types of written communication that are used every day in career fields. I also worked as a local journalist for more than 25 years and enjoy bringing my experiences in news coverage into the classroom setting.

Personal Interests and Hobbies

I have always enjoyed being outdoors and enjoy going for hikes in the wilderness. I have climbed many of the Adirondack High Peaks and successfully completed the Northville-Placid Trail with my son, Matt. These days, most of my time is spent with my dog, Charlie, a 165-pound Great Pyrenees. He is somewhat of a celebrity in the North Country as he can often be seen riding around town in a red Nissan Versa with his huge head hanging out the back window. I have started working on a series of children's picture books with Charlie as the main character.

Keys to Success

With my many years of experience in the world of journalism, I saw on a daily basis the importance of written communication in the working world. I have always tried to impress upon my students the connection between what they're doing in English class with what they may do on a daily basis in their careers. I have always put a special emphasis on in-class writing since that is where they will best learn the skills to "think on their feet" when using written communication.