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Supporting Future Alumni

  • In 2017-18, the Clinton Community College Foundation awarded over $121,000 in student scholarships. In addition, the Foundation aided 11 students through Emergency Funding, and established 2 new endowed scholarship funds. In all, the CCC Foundation was able to help over 220 students over the course of the academic year.
  • Barbara Straw was the first woman in the USAF Strategic Air Command; a post she held for 15 years. She taught at Clinton in the early 1970's and always referred to it as "her college." A new Barbara Straw Endowment was established this year with a gift of $175,000 to support women earning a college degree.
  • Herbert Myers, a Korean War Veteran and local union carpenter left his entire estate to the CCC Foundation. The $226,000 gift will provide scholarships for City of Plattsburgh students who attend Clinton. This was the first gift Mr. Myers made to the CCC Foundation; his generosity and support of access to education is sincerely appreciated.
  • The Keeseville Elks Lodge has been donating to the CCC Foundation since 1983, marking 35 years of continued support!
  • The largest number of scholarships managed by the Foundation are for nursing students. At the 2018 Nursing Club's Capping and Pinning Ceremony, 35 out of 45 students had received some form of Foundation Scholarship.