ARP Student Emergency Grant

American Rescue Plan

Clinton Community College has received Higher Education Emergency Relief Funds through the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (ARP) in the amount of $1,374,543 for the exclusive purpose of providing financial aid grants to students.  Clinton Community College signed and returned to the Education Department a Certification and Agreement as required under the CARES Act section 18004(a)(1) program.  We acknowledge that by drawing down the ARP funds, our institution agrees to be bound by the conditions of the grant, including those in the Supplemental Agreement.  CCC agrees to use  100% of these funds to provide emergency aid grants to students. The Department of Education requires prioritization to students with exceptional need, such as students who are Pell grant eligible or undergraduates with extraordinary financial circumstances when awarding emergency grants to students. 

CCC will roll over $361 in HEERF II funds into the HEERF III ARP funds for a total allocation of $1,374,904 to be awarded. 

CCC will award these federal stimulus grants to every matriculated undergraduate student enrolled in the FALL 2021 and SPRING 2022 semesters per SUNY guidance. 

Using the SUNY Block Grant Template, all matriculated students with an expected family contribution (EFC) in the Zero- 14615 range will be awarded a Block Grant.  This Block Grant will be made up of two components:  a base grant dependent on the student's full time or part time status plus a standard supplemental amount based on the student's primary EFC. 

The remaining funds will be considered the Discretionary Pool and will be disbursed to all remaining matriculated undergraduate students enrolled in FALL 2021 and SPRING 2022 not included in the block grant template.

This methodology, which will award the majority of grants to Pell eligible students, allows CCC to prioritize those students with greatest need, which is the intent of these funds.

Clinton Community College has distributed the following ARP funding to students under Section 2003(7) of the ARP.

Date Update
Quarterly 6/30/2021

CCC has distributed $0 of ARP funds to 0 students.  A cumulative total of $835,567 has been awarded in student emergency grants to 551 duplicated student count.

Quarterly 09/30/2021

CCC has distributed $0 of ARP funds to 0 students.  A cumulative total of $835,567 has been awarded in student emergency grants to 551 duplicated student count.

Quarterly 12/31/2021

CCC has distributed $676,150 of ARP funds to 434 students.  A cumulative total of $1,441,751 (plus $69,966 of institutional funds) has been awarded in student emergency grants to 682 unduplicated student count.

Quarterly 03/31/2022

CCC has distributed $700,651 of ARP funds to 358 students.  A cumulative total of $2,140,505 has been awarded in student emergency grants to 741 unduplicated student count.

Includes refund checks totaling $1,897 that were uncashed and a stop payment was placed on the checks.  The funds were returned to G5 to be awarded in the Spring 2022 ARP distribution.  Total awarded was reduced by $1,897 and 1 unduplicated student count.

This is the final quarterly report as CCC has expanded all HEERF Student Emergency grants.

 Student Eligibility:

  • At the time of HEERF grant notification and disbursement, the student must have been matriculated and registered in coursework as the date of record of each term.
    • Date of Record FALL 2021 - Sept. 12, 2021
    • Date of Record SPRING 2022 - Feb. 13, 2022
  • For a student who may have withdrawn during the semester, they must have billed hours greater than zero, and a withdrawal date after the date of record at the time of award notification and disbursement.
  • To be awarded a block grant, the student must have a 2021/2022 FAFSA on file with the Financial Aid office. Eligible students do not need to satisfy all criteria for being eligible for Title IV financial aid, however, they must satisfy all Title IV financial aid eligibility criteria required to generate an EFC from a valid FAFSA (i.e. non-rejected FAFSA, completed or waived verification).
  • CCC has identified 314 matriculated students enrolled FALL 2021 that qualify for a block grant. Using the template, below are the award amounts for FALL 2021 based on a student's EFC and enrollment status. (Awards for SPRING 2022 will be determined when enrollment figures are available):Student Award Chart
  • HEERF III funds may be used by the student for any component of the student;s cost of attendance or for emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus, such as tuition, food, housing, health care (including mental health care) or child care.
  • The remaining funds, the discretionary pool, not spent in the priority Block Grants, will be awarded to remaining matriculated students. The award amount for these students will be less than the lowest award given to a block grant recipient ($750).  Again, this methodology awards higher grant amounts to those students with higher demonstrated need.
    • Full Time                              $725 grant
    • Part Time                             $625 grant
  • CCC has identified 121 students that qualify for an emergency grant out of the discretionary pool. In addition, one student receives a maximum Tap grant without a FAFSA on file.  The Tap index will be used to place the student on the block grant template.
  • Students with extraordinary financial need can contact the Financial Aid office to request an increase in funding.
    Fiscal plan for ARP Fall 21
  • SPRING 2022: CCC has identified 358 matriculated students registered as of the date of record.  Of these, 262 qualify for a block grant using the template below.  This grant is based on student’s EFC and enrollment status.

student award chart spring 22

  • The remaining funds, the Discretionary Pool not spent in the priority Block Grants for Spring 2022, will be awarded to 96 remaining matriculated students.  The award amount for these students will be less than the lowest award given to block grant recipients ($975). 

    • Full Time - $700 grant

    • Part Time - $625 grant

ARP fiscal plan spring 22

Distribution of Emergency Grants and Student Communications:

  1. An email communication will be sent to all recipients' CCC email account notifying them of their award. The email will provide them with the dollar amount of their grant, list the allowable uses of the grant, provide the date and method of disbursement.  The following language, required by SUNY, will be included in each email:

"In response to the coronavirus pandemic, funds have been made available through the American Rescue Plan to award emergency grants to students for expenses related to the any component of the student's cost of attendance or for emergency costs that arise due to coronavirus. Eligible expenses include tuition, food, housing, health care (including mental health care), or childcare. The Campus has deemed you eligible to receive an emergency grant in the amount of $XXX. This is not a loan and will not need to be paid back and will not affect your financial aid award amounts for academic year 2021-2022. Students must understand it is their responsibility to notify the Financial Aid Office immediately if they will not incur expenses that meet or exceed the amount of their emergency grant."

  1. HEERF III student aid fund payments will be disbursed via paper check and mailed directly to students without requiring an application. A required communication (see SUNY guidance above) will, once again, be mailed with each check.  This is to ensure they receive this communication, in the event they do not see it in their college email account.
  2. Clinton Community College will provide an option to students who have a balance due to the college, to affirmatively opt-in to apply the HEERF III Student Aid emergency grant to the student's outstanding balance for Fall 21 or Spring 22. These identified students will be emailed the following statement added to the above statement:

"You will receive a payment of your emergency grant by paper check unless you respond by sending an email to within 10 days indicating you would like to apply all or a portion of your emergency grant to your outstanding account balance.  You must identify the amount you would like to apply to your account within your email communication.  To view your account balance go to My Billing Statement in the student portal."