CCC Alumni Association

The CCC Alumni Association connects Clinton Community College's past, present, and future together through the active engagement and support of current CCC students and CCC Alumni.

Over 7000 Clinton alumni live and work locally, and another 4000+ are scattered throughout the United States and beyond. If you are a current student, or a graduate of Clinton Community College, our CCC Alumni Association would be happy to help connect you with employers or mentors in your field through the CCC network.

Connect with us through email us at or call our office at Alumni Cottage on campus at 518-562-4375.

2020 Alumni Association Board of Directors

  • Craig Squier '72 President
  • Deborah Jolicoeur '16 Vice President 
  • James Jock '86 Treasurer
  • Susan Hagar '10 Secretary
  • Sarah Pal '96 & '04 
  • Doug Young '73 Past President
  • Joshua Bu, RN, BSN '16
  • Merrilee Bernard '15
  • Paula Cormier '00
  • Meg LeFevre-Bobbin '08
  • Peter Regnier '15
  • Emily Zerges '16
  • Carol Arnold '73
  • Ray DiPasquale CCC President