Technology Department

Welcome to the Technology Department!

The Technology Department at Clinton Community College consists of five associate programs of study. All five programs award an Associate in Applied Science degree upon successful completion. A.A.S. or A.O.S. degrees typically allow students to join the workforce immediately after college.

Study in any technology area is considered challenging due to the courses students must successfully complete. But the rewards are higher for students completing a technology program. Rewards like higher pay, solid employment prospects, and the wide-ranging options in different fields.

Clinton offers the following Technology degree and certificate programs:

Computer and Electronics Technology A.A.S.
Computer Information Systems A.A.S.
Computer Support Certificate
Industrial/Commercial Electrician A.O.S.
Industrial/Commercial Electrician Certificate
Mechanical Technology A.A.S.
Renewable Energy Technologies A.A.S.
Renewable Energy Technologies Certificate
Wind Energy & Turbine Technology A.A.S.
Wind Turbine Service Technician Certificate


IAM Building

Leif Sorgule
Technology Coordinator