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Cougar Cupboard

Need help with Food Security? The Cougar Cupboard is here for you!

The Cougar Cupboard is a FREE on campus resource committed to helping Clinton Community College students achieve food security and peace of mind when it comes to thinking about their next meal. 

You can pre-order bags of food.  All you need to do is  fill out this form to order groceries!  We can do same day pick-up, or you can choose a different day of the week on the form.

Is there a cost or requirement to access the Cougar Cupboard?  
NO! All of the food is FREE! The Cougar Cupboard  operates on a self-assessed need basis, no questions asked. 

Who can access the Cougar Cupboard? 
Any CCC student with a student ID. 

Where is the Cougar Cupboard?
In room 107M of the Moore Building (Campus Life Office) 

What will you find at the Cougar Cupboard?

Multi-Use Items: Pasta, Sauce, Condiments, Peanut Butter, Jelly, Rice, Beans, Cereal

Single-Use Items: Tuna, Mac and cheese, Ramen, Canned Vegetables, Soups, Instant meals & sides

Ready to Eat:  Apple Sauce, Fruit Cups, Crackers, Snacks, Breakfast Bars

Beverages: Coffee, Tea, Milk, Juice

Personal Care: Soap, Tampons, Pads,Deodorant, Dental Essentials, Hair & Skin Care products

Household Supplies: Detergent, Toilet Paper, and other Basics

Refrigerated: Eggs, Yogurt, Milk, Dairy, Fruit, Vegetables, Cheese

Frozen items: Meals, Meat, Veggies, Bread                                                      
AND much more!

We are always accepting donations to the cupboard.  You can bring items to the cupboard, or make checks out to the Student Senate. 

Email questions to: Tammy Villanueva

Located in room 107M

Contact: Tammy Villanueva at 518-562-4100