Club Policy - Advertising and Publicity

  • Bulletin boards are available throughout the campus for displaying chartered club/organization flyers and posters.
  • Clubs must budget monies dedicated to making photocopies, flyers, etc. The processing center must be made aware when any club representative uses the machine to develop club publications. This is to ensure the appropriate club is billed correctly.
  • An email of the flyer can be sent to Joanna Jackson to be placed on the monitors.
  • Please remember to fill out an event request form after you book space for your event, so it can be approved and placed on the College calendar.  This process ensures that the Campus Life office is aware of the event, it is allowed and there are no conflicts.
  • Off-campus vendors that wish to post items on campus, must go see the Director of Campus Life in 109T to get posted approved and stamped before putting them up.