Club Policy - Club Advisor

  1. Every club and student organization must have a dedicated advisor. An advisor's primary responsibility is to make a strong commitment to the group.
  2. The advisor must be a part or full-time faculty or staff member at Clinton Community College.
  3. Advisor Responsibilities:
    1. Attend all meetings and functions held by the club/organization.
    2. Plan and schedule meetings
    3. Act as chaperon during club trips
    4. Fill out the event form found under Student Life to get approval. Every event needs to go through this process so the space can be verified and to make sure there are no conflicts or issues with the event requested
    5. If the club/organization is very active, it is recommended to have more than one advisor to help and attend club activities.
    6. Maintain an open relationship with club members and be available to them
    7. Advisors must abide by all policies upheld by Clinton Community College and the SUNY system.
    8. Advisors must maintain club activity records which should be submitted to Director of Campus Life during budgets (Spring semester).
    9. The club advisor is responsible for the club/organization budget (see Budget section below)
    10. Act as an advocate for the group and empower the club members.
    11. Act as a guide for student officers so they may learn the expectations and responsibilities for the club