Club Policy - Ideas for Fundraising

Clubs should not rely on activity fee funding alone; they are strongly encouraged to raise funds to support their efforts. For example, student activity fee money cannot be used as donations to causes. Money to be donated to causes must be raised by the club.

Possible Fundraisers:

  • Tee Shirt sales
  • Bake Sales following OSHA regulations
  • Dances/Dance Marathon
  • Performances
  • Basket raffles
  • Flower sales
  • Candle sales
  • Wristband fundraiser
  • Sporting activity tournament-volleyball, dodge-ball, basketball, etc.
  • Battle of the bands
  • Bingo Night
  • Sell fast food discount card
  • Silent auction
  • Magazine sales
  • Video game night
  • Flamingo Flocking
  • fundraising card or dinner auction
  • Board game tournament
  • Restaurant take over
  • Photographs-take photos for people for a price, with pets, kids, or photo booth
  • Candy cane-a-gram-for a price, send candy canes with a note to someone
  • Wrap presents
  • Movie Night
  • Babysitting night
  • Car wash

And the list could go on and on....have fun!

For special funding request, please complete the Student Senate Special Event Funding Request form.