Safety and Security

Clinton Community College partners with the Clinton County Sheriff's Department in providing a safe and secure community policy environment. These officers are on campus to enhance the feelings of safety and well-being that help promote success in education.

Campus Safety Officers will provide service to the college's students, faculty, and staff, striving to maintain a safe and secure environment through the following practices:

  • Enforcement of the Rules and Regulations for the Maintenance of Public Order and the Code of Student Conduct, as outlined in the College Catalog.
  • Foot patrol of all college property, buildings, and grounds.
  • Fast and effective response to campus emergencies.
  • Detection, prevention, and correction of any unsafe practices or conditions.
  • Detection, deterrence, and reporting of criminal activities.
  • Locking and securing of college property, buildings, and grounds, according to a schedule provided by the college.
  • Enforcement of campus Parking Rules and Regulations, through the issuance of Parking Violations.

Campus Safety Officers provide the following services to all students and workshop participants:

  • Delivering of emergency messages to students while in class.
  • Returning of lost/stolen property that is recovered on campus.
  • Escorts upon request.

This list reflects the types of services most requested, but we will try to help out any members of our campus community in any way we can.

Moore Bldg., 1st floor
Phone: 518-593-0777


Jeff Martin
Deputy Sheriff