The Honors Experience

The Honors Program offers students the opportunity to participate in innovative courses and unique honors activities. In addition, Honors scholars are conferred membership into the Honors Scholar Association, a student led group that plans enrichment and social activities.

Honors Coursework

Honors coursework emphasizes learning experiences that elevate student engagement, expand academic and personal experiences, and enhance the educational program of study. Students should expect an emphasis on meaningful class discussions; student led activities, presentations, and field trips, rather than lectures; and a collaborative experience between faculty and the Honors community of students. Honors scholars should also expect to be challenged, but honors coursework is different, not necessarily more difficult. In other words, it should not be harder to earn an A in an honors section than in a non-honors section of the same course.

Honors scholars should expect to take a minimum of six credits of honors coursework to satisfy program requirements; however, they are free to take as many honors courses as they wish. Each semester, Honors scholars will have a choice of honors coursework, such as reserved sections of courses that satisfy general education requirements in areas such as art and history; innovative seminars that allow small groups of students to explore academic topics; and individualized learning experiences, which allow students to perform formal research or to delve more deeply into their major or another area of interest.