Science Department

The Science Department offers the Liberal Arts (A.S.) degree in Math & Science. The Liberal Arts field is a general education degree that requires a student to take a sampling of courses in each of the various liberal arts disciplines- humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and science. The Math/Science major will take additional courses in the mathematics area (math, statistics, etc.) and sciences area (biology, chemistry, environmental science, physics, etc.). Upon transfer to a senior level college for the junior year of study, the student is prepared to take upper-level courses in math or science. Students in liberal arts often go on to graduate school for even more specialized training or go into the fields of law and medicine.

Liberal Arts: Math & Science A.S.


Moore Bldg., 2nd Floor
Room 222M
Phone: 518-562-4110

Lynn Fowler
Division Coordinator - Math,
Science, Technology